Announcing a new Sharesight strategic partner: ESUPERFUND & EBROKING!

We’re excited to welcome a new Sharesight Partner, ESUPERFUND and their in-house broker EBROKING!

This partnership makes sense. ESUPERFUND could have built a portfolio tracker. And we could have build an SMSF administration platform, but why not just offer a free connection between our services?

ESUPERFUND provides self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) for thousands of Australian investors. They take care of compliance obligations, including financial statements, tax returns, and audits. Like Sharesight, their client base is comprised largely of DIY Investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions for their SMSF.

ESUPERFUND & Sharesight

Since the vast majority of SMSF trustees use their fund as a vehicle for investing in the share market, a seamless connection with Sharesight makes perfect sense. You could argue that portfolio admin is the most important part of running an SMSF!

Through their in-house broker (EBROKING) ESUPERFUND clients now have a one-click option to send their historical buys, sells, dividends, and corporate actions to Sharesight and we’ll automatically listen for future trades and dividends too. All performance, dividend, and tax reporting can be run on the fly and exported.


We focus obsessively on making it easy for investors to gain an accurate picture of their portfolio’s performance and to end the reliance of spreadsheets and manual efforts. And in doing so, Sharesight accomplishes exactly what SMSF trustees are required to gather – thereby bringing the investment administration costs way down.

We keep an eye on the SMSF space. Ironically, you hear more about the big end of town rushing into this market to capture SMSF trustee assets, whereas the whole point of a self managed super fund is to let individuals take control of their retirement futures. As such we’re proud to partner with the likes of ESUPERFUND who put the investor in the driver’s seat.

Benchmarking now live on Sharesight

We’re starting 2015 with a bang by announcing a major new feature. Benchmarking is now available to all clients on the Investor, Expert, and Professional plans!

Understanding how your portfolio is performing is a critical ingredient to being a successful investor. Sharesight’s performance tracking is all about helping you with this goal and benchmarking is the next step in this process. You use Sharesight, so you know exactly how your investments have performed, but how do they compare to the overall market? How about overseas markets? Is your performance strong simply because the overall market went up, or is it due to the individual stocks you picked, or down to your asset allocation? Lots of market uncertainty out there. You need to know exactly where you stand.

Benchmarking your portfolio - Sharesight

Benchmarking allows you to select any ETF on our database to use for comparison. This setting will be saved at the portfolio level, meaning that clients on the Investor Plan can have up to 3 benchmarks.

Within the “advanced options” menu above the chart on the Portfolio Overview, you’ll find a new section for selecting your benchmark instrument.

Benchmarking your investments - Sharesight

The common benchmark dropdown menu offers you preselected options for tracking your portfolio against popular market indexes. The list is made up of popular index-tracking ETFs on the ASX and NZX. We think this is a good starting point.

Benchmarking your Investments - Sharesight

But you can search for a specific security by typing in the name or code. So if you want to track your portfolio against a Gold ETF you’re in luck:

Benchmarking your investments - Sharesight

Click Apply and the benchmark will be saved against your portfolio. You’ll immediately notice a new line of data underneath your portfolio’s capital, income, and currency return, which displays the selected benchmark’s performance. Makes for a quick like-for-like comparison.

Benchmarking your investments - Sharesight

And what would benchmarking be without charting? Selecting the “graph performance” option in the chart type dropdown menu will reveal your portfolio’s performance versus your benchmark.

Benchmarking your investments - Sharesight

This is where our developers added a bit of extra mustard to make Sharesight benchmarking better than anything else we’ve seen.

Even though everyone talks about “the market,” it’s a difficult concept to grasp when you try to work out what your hard-earned dollars would have done had they been invested in “the market.” Indexes are theoretical, complex and not particularly useful.

We’ve chosen to compare your portfolio with your chosen benchmark as if you’d invested equal amounts of real money in both. When you plot your holdings on the chart, you’ll see that the Y-axis scales so that both investments begin at the same point. Tracking your mouse along the lines will display a pop-up that shows how the value of each changes.


This is also why we’ve used real ETFs as our suggested benchmarks versus the broad market indexes. You and I can actually invest in an ETF. It’s a legitimate, tradable security that we can actually put our money to work in. Not so with the generic market indexes we see in the newspaper or on TV. An ETF is similar to a traditional index in that it tracks a market, sector, or country, but an ETF also reflects the cost of investing (management fees) and factors in things like franking credits.

Please also take a minute to read our Help section on how to interpret the return index graph.

As with all our new features, take some time to investigate and let us know your feedback.

Watch the Self-Directed Investor Fintech Expo

AWI Ventures has released videos from the Self-Directed Investor Fintech Expo they co-hosted with ASX back in November. So if you missed the event, you can check out the presentations by the fintech companies that exhibited on the day.

AWI Ventures - Australia's only Fintech Accelerator

Here’s our General Manager Doug Morris, doing a brief Sharesight demo for the audience:

And as we mentioned in our roundup of the event, these are the presentations that stood-out for us on the day:

Chris Brycki – Founder & CEO Stockspot

Alistair Bentley – Founder & CEO Simply Wall St

James Marlay – Co-founder Livewire Markets

Jason Prowd – COO Intelligent Investor

All of the day’s videos are available from AWI Ventures’ YouTube Channel, so have a look for yourself and decide whether your investment portfolio could benefit from the services and ideas presented by these innovative companies.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Sydney and Wellington startup scenes, and especially the global fintech space. Thanks again to AWI and ASX for hosting the event and for letting us present alongside these great fintech companies!

More choice for investors (our feature in the ASX newsletter)

Check out our contribution to the year end bumper edition of the ASX Newsletter. Our Executive Director, Andrew Bird comments on how technology is coming to the rescue for investors looking for choice. While self-managed super and investor-friendly securities such as ETFs and mFunds have helped unpack the bank-owned, vertically integrated bundle, it’s connected applications that are making this a reality.

Screenshot: Sharesight ASX Newsletter Article

We’re excited and honoured to be featured by an institution of ASX’s calibre. Very happy to see that the top end of town is beginning to recognise that fintech firms are for real.

Join us at the Xero Roadshow, February 2015

Calling all accountants and financial advisors: if your clients have investment portfolios, you need Sharesight. It’s really that simple. Just imagine complete client portfolios, automatically updated with dividends and other corporate actions, and 1-click performance and tax reports. Sharesight simplifies day-to-day portfolio management, while providing valuable data-driven insights – so you spend less time doing the mundane stuff, and more time providing valuable insights to your clients. And if you’re looking to spend less time reconciling bank statements and/or chasing paperwork come tax-time, you’ll want to look at synching those Sharesight portfolios to Xero.

If you read our Silver Xero Partner & Certified Advisor blog post, you know that our love for Xero goes way back. So we’re honoured to be part of a select group of Xero Add-Ons who’ve been invited to participate in the Xero Roadshow taking place throughout Australia in February.

Xero Roadshow 2015

Xero will be hitting up 20 cities in all, and Sharesight will be exhibiting at the following dates/locations:

Monday, February 2 — Newcastle
Tuesday, February 3 — Parramatta
Wednesday, February 4 — Sydney
Thursday, February 5 — Canberra
Tuesday, February 10 — Wollongong
Wednesday, February 11 — Brisbane
Thursday, February 12 — Gold Coast
Tuesday, February 17 — Frankston
Wednesday, February 18 — Melbourne
Thursday, February 19 — Adelaide
Monday, February 23 — Perth

Whether you’re an existing Sharesight user or not, stop-by for a one-on-one demo of Sharesight and our beautiful Xero integration which won us Xero Add-On Partner of the Year in 2014. See first-hand how easy it is to push purchase, sale, and dividend details to Xero so they can be easily reconciled against bank statements and included in financial accounts. And watch as Sharesight pulls-in cash balances from Xero, letting you view your clients’ complete financial positions directly within their Sharesight portfolios – automatically, and in real-time. Sharesight + Xero literally eliminates the paper-chase traditionally associated with managing and reporting on investment portfolios, letting you focus on high-value activities such as tax planning and advice instead.

For more information and to register, visit the Xero Roadshow 2015 website and follow all the excitement at #xeroroadshow.

Looking forward to meeting you!