Manage your investment properties with Real Estate Investar

Last week we teamed up with Real Estate Investar to conduct a webinar to our joint client bases. Real Estate Investar is a lot like Sharesight, but for investment properties. And like Sharesight, they’re a Xero award winner.

Clients often ask if Sharesight offers a way to track property. While we do offer an unlisted investment feature, we’d argue that if property makes up a meaningful portion of your portfolio – then why not track it properly, with a purpose-built application?

Real Estate Investar

Real Estate Investar offers 2 versions of their product: one for existing property owners and one for those doing research to buy property. Their app is underpinned by Xero Cashbook, which means that all your property income and expenses are tracked properly and can be accessed by your accountant.

If you missed the webinar, you can view it here: On-Demand Webinar: Essential Tips For Successfully Managing Your Property And Share Portfolios.

Reminder: Register now for ATSA 2015

ATSA 2015

Just a quick reminder to join us at the Accountants’ Technology Showcase Australia 2015 – Only ATSA brings together ALL the suppliers to showcase ALL the technologies.

It’s not the technology but what it can do for your firm and your clients that is key.

Technology is the great enabler – enabling new efficiencies, new service opportunities, new ways to engage with your clients.

Come to ATSA and discover how to transform your firm. Attend in person or by webcast.

As a proud sponsor, we’re offering our customers a 15% discount* off your full two day attendance to ATSA 2015.

Use the online registration form, and enter the 3 letter code: SHR at the beginning of the registration process in the ID Code area.

See you in Sydney!

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ATSA 2015

Join us at the Afiniation Showcase

We’re excited to announce that we are presenting at the upcoming Afiniation Showcase in Sydney on Thursday 24th September. If you’re interested in fintech, this is your opportunity to watch 30 of the best and most innovative new financial and banking companies across Australasia demo their products in a rapid-pace format.

Afiniation Showcase


Each presenter is given 7 minutes to provide an overview and demonstration of their innovative technology. (We love that slides are not permitted for this event, as it weeds-out the fluff from the real players, and of course eliminates the dreaded “death by Powerpoint” syndrome all too common at tech conferences!)


The event audience will consist of a high-impact audience of senior financial and banking executives, investors, press, industry analysts, entrepreneurs and regulators.


The Affiniation Showcase will be held at the beautiful and spacious Ivy Ballroom, with networking drinks to follow at The Den, the exclusive bar within the complex.

Discount Code

As a friend of Sharesight, we would like to offer you a 10% discount when you buy tickets. Simply use the code MatesRates2015 when booking to get your discount.

Learn more & buy tickets

Investment insights from Livewire

If you’re a Sharesight subscriber, you may have noticed an email in your inbox inviting you to try Livewire. If you missed it, this is your second chance. We encourage all of our clients to sign up to Livewire. It’s top notch.


Livewire is a constantly-updated financial insights website. Imagine Twitter for investing, but with a curated news feed from industry-leading contributors. Topics range from general, macro views to deep dives on specific companies. Their stable of commentators include:

  • Hamish Douglass (Magellan)
  • Marcus Padley (Marcus Today)
  • Geoff Wilson (Wilson Asset Management)
  • Roger Montgomery (Montgomery Investment Management)
  • Anton Tagliaferro (Investors Mutual)

If you wake up to an inbox crammed with milquetoast “market updates,” showing nothing more than overnight market performance, then Livewire’s Trending on Livewire email digest is a breath of fresh air. Personally, it’s the first investing-related email that I open each day.

For example, a quick scroll through this morning’s feed contains info on the Chinese currency devaluation, the Australian Future Fund’s risk position, the Aussie economy in general, and a 17 page deep-dive on AHAlife, a US-based e-commerce platform.

Livewire is Sydney-based, and we’ve gotten to know the co-founders personally. Bringing together two complementary fintechs is a win for investors.

Here’s a short video Livewire has put together that outlines the key features of Livewire’s platform where they demonstrate how to set up and manage alerts, save and bookmark content for later and share your favourite articles with friends.

How do I set up a share club?

Have you considered investing, but don’t know where to start? One way to get started is by starting a share club. We’ve partnered with the fixed-fee legal experts at LegalVision to put together this handy infographic on how to set up a share club in Australia:

How To Set Up A Share Club

View/download a print-quality version PDF

Here’s a quick re-cap:

Benefits of a share club

  • It’s a fun way to learn about investing
  • It can draw together people with a wide range of skills and experience
  • You can achieve diversification on a relatively small investment
  • You can benefit from lowered costs through pooling
  • As a result of years of investing, many share clubs make a tidy profit
  • There are many social benefits (ahem, wine!)

Things to consider before you set up a share club

The easiest option is to join an existing share club but if that’s not an option you can start your own. Here are some things to consider before doing so:

  • Determine your investing goals
  • Determine how long you want to hold your investments
  • Figure out your share club size

How to set up a share club

Once you’ve sorted those items out, you’ll be ready to start formalizing your share club. But if you think you can just get a few friends together, make a few rules, and then start buying shares, think again. There are laws you need to beware of, as operating an informal club could prove problematic if there’s a dispute. You’ll need to:

  • Appoint the club roles (secretary, treasurer, etc).
  • Determine the share ownership structure, either a simple partnership or bare trust.
  • Have a lawyer draft your share club’s constitution and deed, which you’ll need to open a share trading account. LegalVision can help with this step by offering upfront, fixed-fee legal work done by their team of high-quality, experienced lawyers.
  • Seek advice to avoid common pitfalls: Learn from another share club (if possible), and use a lawyer, accountant, and possibly a financial adviser for legal and technical matters.

From there, you’ll need to:

  1. Register your share club
  2. Acquire a tax file number (TFN)
  3. Open a bank and share trading account
  4. File an annual return

Running a share club

Once you share club is up-and-running, you’ll need to:

  • Manage and track your share portfolio so you know exactly how it’s performing. This is where Sharesight shines. With daily price updates, powerful performance & diversity reporting, automatic inclusion of corporate actions such as share splits and dividends, and 1-click tax reports (including Taxable Income and Capital Gains Tax) Sharesight makes share portfolio tracking and reporting a breeze. Plus, you can access it from everywhere and easily share access with everyone in the club.
  • Hold regular meetings to review the portfolio, get reports from the secretary and treasurer, read advice from the professional adviser (if using), and determine any follow-up activity. You’ll also want to keep up-to-date records of all meetings for tax purposes.
  • Avoid breaching ASIC regulations and ensure members don’t give financial advice
  • Speak to your accountant about how to account for tax

We hope you found this content useful. While there’s a bit of work involved to get a share club started, once it’s up and running (and the portfolio is tracking along nicely in Sharesight), it can be a greatly rewarding experience on many fronts!