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Sharesight for Accountants and Advisors
You have taken all the hassle out of managing a share portfolio. I have never been able to get this level of detail on the performance of my shares anywhere else – even with share management software – thank you!
Stephen Phillips
Sharesight customer
Sharesight has removed the need for spreadsheets and my clients can quickly and easily track how their investments are performing. Finally I have found a reporting tool that I am happy to recommend to clients.
Peter Small Director
Fluid Financial Planning
Sharesight is looking very slick. I’ve been looking for a Web 2.0 style portfolio manager and this looks like it will hit the spot.
Rod Drury CEO Xero
One of my favourite apps – accurate, automated and so easy to use. Highly recommended to my clients, and an accountants dream with Xero.
Adele Wardley ASquaredAdvisers